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Commercial Buildings

Invest in a Fraction of A Grade Commercial Real Estate

Fractional Ownership

What is Fractional Ownership of commercial real estate?

Fractional ownership of commercial real estate is a pioneering approach that allows multiple investors to collectively own shares in a commercial property. Unlike traditional real estate investment models where a single entity or individual owns the entire asset, fractional ownership divides ownership into smaller, more manageable shares. Each investor holds a portion of the property’s value proportional to their investment contribution.


This innovative concept democratizes access to commercial real estate investments, opening doors for retail investors who may not have the financial resources to purchase properties outright. Through fractional ownership, investors can pool their resources to acquire premium commercial properties, benefiting from potential rental income, property appreciation, and diversification within their investment portfolios. Additionally, fractional ownership provides investors with flexibility, allowing them to choose properties that align with their investment goals, risk tolerance, and preferences. Overall, fractional ownership of commercial real estate represents a transformative shift in the real estate investment landscape, offering a viable avenue for retail investors to participate in lucrative commercial property markets.

Invest in World-class Commercial Real Estate

Minimum Investment: 25 Lacs

Avg. Yield: 8%-10%

Target IRR: 14%-20%

Rental Income: Distributed Monthly

Building Facade

Why Commercial Real Estate?

Stable Asset Class

Capital Appreciation

Monthly Cashflow

Portfolio Diversification

How it works

Investing with us is easy, transparent, & completely online!


Invest in high-yield, Grade-A commercial assets


Earn a passive incomewhile building long-term wealth


Track your portfolio performance and get regular updates


Make a profitable exit withour liquidity options


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