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Tailored services to meet the needs of leading builders.

At Aroon Fintech, we understand the critical role smooth and efficient property document services play in the real estate and home loan process. As partners to leading builders, we specialize in providing comprehensive property document services designed to expedite transactions and ensure a hassle-free experience for all stakeholders.

Our dedicated team collaborates closely with partner builders to streamline the gathering, verification, and submission of essential property documents. From title deeds to land records, and everything in between, we ensure meticulous attention to detail and adherence to legal requirements.

By leveraging advanced technology and industry expertise, we facilitate a seamless documentation process that not only accelerates loan approvals but also enhances customer satisfaction. Our commitment to transparency, accuracy, and efficiency sets us apart, enabling builders and homebuyers alike to navigate the complexities of property transactions with confidence.

Whether you're a builder seeking expedited approvals or a prospective homeowner aiming for a swift and transparent loan process, trust Aroon Fintech for your property document services. We're dedicated to simplifying real estate transactions and empowering our partners with reliable, prompt, and professional document management solutions.

Signing a Contract



A detailed written report on your property, prepared by a senior property lawyer.

What it means?

A Property Search Report is a comprehensive document that provides detailed information about a specific property. This report is typically used in real estate transactions to ensure that the property is free from any legal issues, encumbrances, or disputes.  Whether you are buying, selling, leasing, or simply reviewing your assets, our Property Search Report gives you a clear understanding of your property's legal status, rights, and obligations.

When you decide to purchase a house or land, you need to make sure that real estate is free from any defects. Property investment is a multi-step procedure. Several things need to be taken into consideration while making this major investment decision. One of the crucial steps in the process is the legal verification of property documents.  Get your Property Search Report today and take the first step towards a secure and hassle-free property transaction.


Secure your property transaction with our comprehensive Agreement to Sale Drafting service.

What it means?

An Agreement to Sale is essentially a preliminary contract for the purchase and sale of property. It outlines the terms and conditions that both the seller and the buyer agree to before finalizing the transaction. This agreement specifies crucial details such as the sale price, the payment schedule, and other essential aspects of the deal.

Think of it as a blueprint for the property sale process. While it doesn't immediately transfer ownership, it serves as a binding commitment that the property will be sold and bought under the agreed terms. The actual transfer of ownership occurs later when a Sale Deed is executed, once all the conditions of the Agreement to Sale are fulfilled.






Get your Sale Deed Registered with the help of Expert Property Lawyer

What it means?

In India, property registration is mandatory to register all property transactions as per the provisions of the Registration Act, 1908. The transfer of immovable assets has to be recorded to obtain the rights of the property on the execution date of the deed.

What all property documents do I need to register ? (This is a tentative list)

  • Estimation of the property value.

  • Sale deed

  • Payment of the stamp duty & registration charges.

  • Approach the Sub-Registrar for registration.

  • Documents submission.

  • Other documents as per the local requirements.


Sale Deed Drafting for your property

What it means?

A Sale Deed is an important legal document used in property transactions. It's like a final agreement or a receipt which shows that the seller has transferred the property (like a house or land) to the buyer. This document proves that the buyer now owns the property. It includes details like the property's location, size, price, and the terms of the sale. Once this document is signed and registered, it means the property officially belongs to the buyer. It's like the final step in buying property that makes everything official.

Drafting Process

STEP 1: Understanding property details and requirement: Lawyer will discuss this with you. 

STEP 2: Drafting of the Agreement: Lawyer will draft your sale deed after an initial discussion.

STEP 3: Printing of Sale Agreement: The Sale Deed shall be printed on a non-judicial stamp paper of the value as prescribed by the state government.

Signing a Contract


Disclaimer: Please note that Aroon Fintech is not a law firm and does not engage in the practice of law or solicit Lawyers.
Aroon Fintech is an advanced technology platform as web and Mobile Application designed to facilitate connections between users and a diverse range of legal and financial professionals. Our aim is to provide an accessible and convenient way for users to seek guidance from Legal Experts and other professionals based on their specific needs and demands. All interactions or consultations facilitated through Aroon Fintech are between users and independent professionals. Aroon Fintech is not responsible for any advice or services provided by these independent professionals.

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